"As A Professional Bettor, I Now Also Use The Smart Money Law System to Boost My Income. I Bet Aggressively And Pull In Up To $10,900 Most Weeks!"

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Here's All Your Burning Questions Answered:

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about my betting method. I hope my answers and additional comments will help give you a much better understanding of what you can expect from my sports betting system...

Q. Where can I use your Smart Money Law System?
A. Sports betting is standardized so it is bet on in a very similar way throughout the world. You can use my system to make money from ANY online or ANY land-based bookmaker or betting agency that offers sports betting (which is almost all bookmakers).
Q. I don't know anything about sports betting. Can I still use your system?
A. Betting on sports is very, very easy to understand and do. Plus, my system is very easy to understand and follow. Once you get my system, you will be able to grasp it within just 15 minutes of reading it. Over 70% of my clients are new to sports betting and they tell me that they didn't realize making money could be so much fun!
Q. What sort of matches will I be betting on?
A. The type of matches we focus on is where Team A is playing <against> Team B or Player A is playing <against> Player B. The odds are set by bookmakers for each team or player winning the match. My system is based around selecting one team/player to win over the other. We do not bet on other odds offered by the bookmaker such as who scores a point first, who is the winner at half time, etc. It's basically Team/Player A <against> Team/Player B - and we pick one to win. It cannot be simpler!
Q. What's the difference between buying just your system and buying the system bundled with the tipping service package?
A. You can purchase just the system and work out your picks each day. Or, purchase the system with tipping service package and let me work out your bets each day. The difference is that with the tipping service package you have the option of simply logging on to the membership area and getting your picks each day. It's ideal for super busy people. I make picks using the exact same system so all the picks will be EXACTLY the same in both cases.

With the tipping service package you'll also get online access within the member's area to the list of EVERY bet I've made for the past 7 Years. All current & future bets are also added to this list.
Q. Can I use your system for collage matches and smaller events?
A. You can use it just as effectively on any event, regardless of how big or small.
Q. Will I need to research the teams or players or access any other info to make your system work?
A. No you don't. You do not require any other info other than the odds as offered by the bookmaker.
Q. What sports can I use it with?
A. Any sport where Team A is playing <against> Team B or Player A is playing <against> Player B. Here are some sports we readily bet on: Football / Baseball / Basketball / Soccer / Tennis / Boxing / UFC / Rugby / Ice Hockey / Pool / Rugby / Snooker / Volleyball / Cricket/ Plus Many Others.
Q. I only like betting on my favorite sport. Can I still use your system?
A. Yes you can. The system will work out the BEST bet every day for YOUR sport. But if your favorite sport is only played within a season, then naturally you will not be able to bet during off season times. And that would be wasting moneymaking opportunity! For this reason I suggest you cover multiple sports so you ALWAYS have the very BEST bet virtually each day of the year... after evaluating all the sports you wish to cover. Supporting your favorite sport is good but wouldn't you rather make much more money by spending a few minutes each day evaluating several other sports?
Q. Why does your system pick out only the BEST bet each day?
A. Have you heard of the following saying "One who chases two rabbits goes hungry"? My system will pick out the very BEST bet for you each day because I don't believe in second-best bets. Betting on nothing but the very best bet each day means we maximize every dollar invested. Using the system you will be easily able to see the second best bet, third best bet, fourth best bet, etc for the day. But I advice against betting on these other bets. Why even consider the second best when you have THE BEST?
Q. Is your system to do with progressive or arbitrage betting?
A. Absolutely NOT! Arbitrage betting sounds very good on paper but in practice it's a washed out method with very few solid opportunities appearing in a year. Progressive betting is a joke - that's the truth! Any system that states that you should increase your bet to recover the cost of a previous losing bet is DOOMED to fail. It will not work long term. Just a few losses in a row will deplete your bankroll and it will take many wins to recover from such a loss. My system also has nothing to do with betting on both teams/players, lay betting, trading, loss recovery or anything like that.
Q. Is your system legal?
A. There's absolutely nothing deceptive or illegal about my sports betting system at all. The system doesn't manipulate the odds or attempts to influence the outcome of the match. It instead exploits a statistical winning trend associated with spotting Smart Money bets. No one would even know you're using a system to win your bets. I've been using it for 7 years with no issues whatsoever. I've also had ZERO complains from my thousands of other long-term users. However, if you start to win extraordinary amounts of money on a daily basis from the same bookmaker, you might arise suspicion amongst the bookmaker's loss management staff.
Q. Will I get banned from bookmakers if I start to consistently win extraordinary amounts using your system?
A. If you start winning extraordinary amounts of money from the SAME bookmaker on a daily basis, you will eventually get banned. Bookmakers off set winning bets with losing ones. And the good news is that there are always thousands of more losing bets when compared to winning bets. But the bad news is that serious bettors who win most of their bets, bet with big amounts (and why shouldn't they, since they are mainly winning). So it doesn't take that many serious winning bettors to off set the losing bets. Therefore I've developed a rule that has not failed me in 7 years. The rule is to bet no more than $1,600 per bookmaker per day. As long as you stick to this rule and not get greedy, you'll be fine.
Q. Can I bet with multiple bookmakers and bet $1,600 per bookmaker per day? Say if I bet with 3 bookmakers, can I bet $1,600 with each of them daily...allowing me to safely bet $4,800 per day in total?
A. Absolutely yes! That is exactly what I do. You won't even be on the bookmaker's loss management radar if you follow this rule. In fact, part of the condition of you using my Smart Money Law system is agreeing to this rule. It is essential that all users strictly adhere to this rule so we can all enjoy decades of profitable sports betting without detection.
Q. Why is the figure set at $1,600?

I discovered the '$1,600 per bookmaker per day' rule about 5 years ago when I went on a sports betting rampage for about 3 months. I was betting as much as $25,000 per bet at times. The first problem arouse when I discovered that some bookmakers will not pay any more than $10,000 of winnings to the same account per day. So if you bet $7,000 and won back $11,000...you'll only get back a total of $10,000. You are forced to forfeit $1,000. The second issue is that your account becomes a 'RED' account if you start to regularly bet with over $2,500 and win. Red accounts are actively monitored by loss management staff.

I tested the same rule with many online and land-based bookmakers and it also holds true for both. The online bookmaker's have built in loss management software that goes into 'high alert' after you start consistently betting with more than $2,500 per day and regularly winning. Keeping bets at $1,600 MAX is way below the threshold of even the MOST sensitive loss management software or personnel. You rather be safe than sorry. And just like in all other areas in our life, the greedy eventually gets into hot oil.

Q. How much money do I need to start betting with once I get your system?
A. Having a minimum of just $10 is the best lowest figure I'd recommend to make this system really worth your while. You can quickly grow $10 into massive sums by simply reinvesting your profits back into your bankroll.
Q. How much money can I make?
A. How much do you want? It naturally depends on the amount you start with and how strictly you follow my money management plan. $10 bets makes $235 weekly, $20 bets make $470 weekly, $30 bets make $705 weekly. You can make money ON DEMAND. You simply decide how much you'd like to make on a particular week and bet accordingly. Really serious bettors can start with $100 bets and easily grow it into $96,000 or more per year.
Q. Can I use it from my country even though I don't have land-based bookmakers?
A. Yes you can. You can simply use it with online bookmakers - there are dozens of them out there. Here's the link to some of the bookmakers I recommend.
Q. I've looked at some bookmaker websites and the way the odds are published is confusing me. Could you clarify it?

The odds can be displayed in three formats but they mean the same thing. Decimal format example: $1.57
Fractional format example: 4/7
American format example: -175

All three of these formats above represent the same value. Some bookmaker sites such as bet365.com allow you to chose which format you'd like the adds displayed in. Others don't have this option. I've used decimal format throughout this site and my system. And make things real easy for you, I've published a chart that converts Fractional & American formats into Decimal format. This way you can use any bookmaker and easily apply my system. Below is the link to this odds conversion chart:

Here's the link to the odds conversion chart

Q. After I've purchased your system, do I need to make any more payments to you?
A. No, there is nothing more to pay, ever. Once you've purchased the system it is yours to use for the rest of your life. And it will still be working just as well in 10 years time as it is today.
Q. Why is the system called the Smart Money Law?
A. The system exploits a PROVEN statistical winning trend that allows us to spot Smart Money bets that all sports bets carry. Fortunately for us there is no way bookmakers can hide this trend. The probability of a bet carrying the most Smart Money on any given day and winning is 91.3%. It's so sure to happen that it's almost like gravity - it's always going to happen. Therefore the system is called Smart Money Law as it's always going to work (it's the law of Smart Money).
Q. I recently saw another sports betting system advertised for $700. Why is yours so cheap?

Don't be fooled by my super-low price. This is top notch professional information to making consistent profits from sports betting. I have in the past sold this exact same system for as much as $997 via traditional mail order! And it sold extremely well at that price! However, selling over the Internet has seen my advertising costs go down to almost zero. So I can now pass on these savings to you.

Plus, I realized over the years that a high price only deprived the people who needed this system the most. Making money from sports betting for me is both a business and a hobby. I get a great deal of pleasure from helping others enjoy this fantastic venture and profit from it. Dozens of my clients have also become very close friends of mine over the years.

Q. If your system is so good, why are you selling it?

The fact is that I cannot make tens of thousands a day using the system without getting into trouble with bookmakers. So regardless of how good my system is, there is a daily limit to the amount of money I can make from it. By selling the system, I get an additional profit stream (At least I'm honest). Plus, as long as I don't flood the marketplace with my system, a few thousand people using it won't make any difference to my personal betting at all.

So I see no reason not to sell it as long as I limit the number of sales made each month to the major countries. Look, this is not some quick-get-rich scheme. It is a statistically proven, practical business approach to making money from sports betting - while having a lot of fun at the same time.

Q. How long will it be before I start making money?
A. It will take you around 15 minutes to read and understand the system and then you can start to make profitable bets within the next 70 seconds - it's that easy. You should make excellent money from the first day. I'll give you super fast service by letting you INSTANTLY download the system within the next 60 seconds. This way you can start profiting immediately.
Q. How is the system sent to me?

Since I do not want you to miss out on another day of profitable betting, I've made the system available via INSTANT DOWNLOAD straight into your computer. Soon after your order is processed, you'll be directed to my download page for instant access. You'll then download the system onto your computer. The whole process takes less than 60 seconds. The system is composed as a PDF file so it's suitable for both PC and Mac. You only need Acrobat Reader to open and view the file (almost all computers have it preinstalled). If yours doesn't, you can get your free copy by clicking here.

LIMITED SUPPLY WARNING: My priority is to protect my interest and the interests of all my clients by ensuring the marketplace never gets flooded with users of my system. I do this by selling only a limited number of copies each year. So for these reasons I actively monitor the number of copies sold each month and will stop selling my system the minute I believe the marketplace is being flooded with too many users of my system.

Q. I’m not that good with computers and could muck things up. How easy is the instant download process?

It's incredibly easy! The system is actually sitting on this very website in a password protected page. Once you click on the download link, you will be taken to my merchant page. Here you will enter your payment details and your order will be processed. Soon after it has been processed, you will be directed to my download page where you can download the system and save it in your computer immediately! You can then read it on your screen or print it for safekeeping. The whole process takes only seconds.

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